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2014 Newsletter

Packaged Natural Gas Metering/Regulator Stations by Devtech and Sagebrush

Devtech is proud to offer complete natural gas metering/regulator stations in the State of Florida. Leveraging Devtech's extensive 30 years of experience in providing and supporting quality natural gas equipment and Sagebrush's 40+ years of experience as a custom fabricator, Devtech is positioned to offer tremendous value to our customers.

  • Turn-key packages, services available; engineering, design, build, start-up, commissioning, training
  • AGA and pipeline approved quality equipment
  • Fabrication by certified welders
  • On-site start-up, commissioning, training, and on-going support available by Devtech O.Q. technician
  • Galvanized skid design featured, other designs available such as stand-alone on pipe supports, etc.
  • All backed by one name - Devtech

Devtech Employee of the Year

Devtech Employee of the Year

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